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Environmental Equipment

Environmental testing, monitoring, and consulting.  CEMS system installation, maintenance and service.
Web site: www.inquestenv.com

EPA-approved ambient air and stack pollution monitoring  equipment:  Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS), Data Acquisition (DAS), Opacity, Particulate and Flow monitoring instruments.
Web site: www.teledyne-ml.com          

Process & environmental monitoring instruments for measuring air toxic and industrial hygiene applications.
Web site: www.gasanalyzers.com          

Midwest Parts Depot for Teledyne Monitor Labs Parts
Midwest Parts

Capital Products supplies replacement parts for the following Teledyne Monitor Labs instruments:

  • TML Model 560 LightHawk™ Opacity Monitor

  • TML Model 360 LaserHawk™ Particulate Monitor

  • TML Model 150 Ultraflow Flow Monitor

  • Model T 100 UV Fluorescence SO2 Analyzer

  • Model T 200 Chemiluminescence NO/NO2/NOX Analyzer

  • Model T 300 Gas Filter Correlation CO Analyzer

  • Model T 360 Gas Filter Correlation CO2 Analyzer

Process and Control Products
Teledyne Analytical

Oxygen analyzers & sensors for gas and liquid applications. Web site: www.teledyne-ai.com


Engineering solutions for thin film applications using technologies such as electron beam deposition, thermal disposition, sputtering, and microscopy/sample preparation. Web site: www.dentonvacuum.com     


Water Demineralization Systems utilizing packed bed ion exchange technology. Web site: www.eco-tec.com


Laboratory, bench, walk-in and conveyor industrial ovens and furnaces.
Web site: www.grievecorp.com


Vacuum pressure gauges and mass flow controllers.
Web site: www.teledyne-hi.com

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